Eric Warnock, The 99 Cent Comedian (EWT99CC) was born in Oildale, California which is in unincorporated Bakersfield, California.  His father was a refinery worker who worked shift work for 38 years and his mother was a housewife. He was born during the post World War II Baby Boom.  He had an older sister and older brother.

EWT99CC like many people came from a chaotic, violent childhood which left him with very serious, traumatic psychological injuries.  These serious injuries put him on a course of searching for someone who could help him. Finally in 2011 he found a psychologist who, through five years of therapy, guided him to better mental health and encouraged him to pursue comedy as an act of creativity which what a higher man is encouraged to do. Through his course of treatment EWT99CC gained a much deeper awareness of the Human Condition which allows him to think, and thus create much deeper humor than the average comedian.  He uses no vulgarities or cursing in his act.

EWT99CC has been performing comedy on and off for 31 years, but since his retirement has devoted his life to the art.  During his formative years he watched The Three Stooges; Bob Hope and Bing Crosby in the Road Pictures; The Marx Brothers.  He also saw George Carlin perform live in 1974 at the Bakersfield College gymnasium where the seating was we sat on the floor.  Eddie Rabbitt, who was still an unknown at the time and could break soon after this, opened for Carlin and was booed off the stage.

EWT99CC is retired from a long-time job and spends his days reading philosophy and psychology books which allow him to create more intelligent yet understandable comedy.  He has a knack for writing deep material yet understandable to the average man. He also writes, listens to music, goes to museums, plays his guitar and is learning to read music.

He has performed at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, Ca., Ca, The Ice House in Pasadena, Flappers Comedy Club in  Burbank, Ca The Harbor Comedy Club in Ventura, Ca. and at Rooster T. Feathers in Sunnyvale, Ca. Also, he now books shows for himself, has flyers made and he hands them out to people to let them know about his shows.  The usual response to his comedy is, “That was fun!” and “You are funny!”